Hey, e-Commerce Customers – Y’all Protected by the Law!

We’ve all passed the Harbolnas season recently -are you all financially and emotionally intact? After we gobbled up those tempting deals, now let’s learn more about the law that protects us!


Indonesia’s Ministry of Communication and Informatics has re-announced the application of UU ITE, a bill that protects all consumers involve in digital transactions (yes, that’s us!). UU ITE has been around for a while, but most people don’t realise that besides regulating ‘comment war’ or ‘Twitter drama’, it also covers digital transactions.
According to this law, all people – both purposely or not, who are spreading hoax that leads to consumers’ disadvantage in electronic transaction may be charged.  You may face up to 6 years’ in prison or be fined up to one billion rupiah! The recent Harbolnas Committee has expressed their support to this law, and open a dedicated call center for victims.
So, how’s your Harbolnas?
Source: Global Radio

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