Hidden Benefits from Horror Movies for Your Soul

Halloween has just passed by, and many horror movies just suddenly popped up on your Netflix recommendations. For many people, horror movies can be traumatizing and gulped you in fear, but actually there are some hidden benefits that you can gain from watching horror movies.

Improve adrenaline boost
Adrenaline is a good boost for your body, and horror movies definitely good at making you jump off your couch. By boosting your adrenaline, you also enhancing your energy and focus skill.
Boost immune system
Watching horror movies can rush your adrenaline and also increasing your white blood cells’ activity, meaning that your anti-body is also improving cause the white friends are actively combating the viruses out of the body.
Burn your calories
In a study by The Telegraph, watching tense movies is capable on burning your calories down, though there’s no science explanation for it, but by the increased heart rate, bigger oxygen intake, and more muscular contractions combined, can reduce your calories up to 200kcal.
Relieve your stress
After a long stressful day, watching horror movies can let your bottled up feelings explode by itself, you can scream, vent and cry throughout the movie which actually calm you down and relieve your stress.
Increase your brain activity
We talked about how horror movies rose up your adrenaline, but it also makes the brain releases some neurotransmitters that make your body feel cool down and good. It works like anaesthesia to your body, as the brain discharges serotonine and dopamine, two neurotransmitters that can make someone feel happy inside.
Those are 5 hidden benefits from watching horror movies, so are you up for more horror movies this weekend?
Editor: Olivia Elena Hakim
Writer: Windyannisa Cindrati
Source: Forbes

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