Hidup Itu Harus Dinamis Seperti Jaeson Ma

Bareng Letter F, Jaeson membahas visinya dalam menjalankan keyakinannya melalui karirnya sekarang. Ma is the name behind the successful companies from East West Ventures, 88rising, Stampede Ventures, dan Ma telah berkeliling dunia to preach, menulis buku, dan membuat banyak rekor, but did he actually manage to combine everything and make them work together? Let’s find out.

Kamu dikenal sebagai seseorang yang menggabungkan keyakinan dan karir, how did it happen in the first place?
“Dulu pas ditanya sama my dad mau jadi apa, I always picture myself wearing a suit and tie dengan membawa tas kerja, with a French PR cap, sambil berdiri di belakang church pope preaching. I said,Monday to Friday, I’m going to be a businessman, Saturday I’m going to be an artist and Sunday I’m going to give a preach’. 30 tahun kemudian and this is what I do, I’m an entrepreneur, I am also a recording artist, and I also spent some time in missionary for many years in different countries.”
You built your career in the entertainment industry while still maintaining your religious side—some would say that it’s not an easy thing to do.

I think the biggest struggle is just overcoming your self-doubt, your own insecurities, and fears. Manusia pasti memiliki tingkat keraguan diri, pertanyaannya adalah apakah aku memiliki tujuan atau makna, or whether I have what it takes. And I think, for me, it’s obviously in my faith and community and the people around me.

Bagaimana cara kamu menghadapi kesulitan yang kamu temui along the way?

I surround myself with positive people, so they’re not going to tell you want you want to hear but also what you need to hear, and be able to have this listening part to be humble enough to take correction when you make mistakes, to learn from that and move forward. Semua harus sadar bahwa kita semua hanya manusia biasa, we make mistakes and learn that we can move forward.”

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