Hip Hop Lineup Sets Asian Sound Syndicate Vol. 1 Stage on Fire

Music festivals of various genres are commonly held in Indonesia. But this time, Asian Sound Syndicate Vol. 1 presents a whole different vibe of a music festival and not like the others.

This music festival featured a number of Asian hip hop artists which come from Indonesia, Malaysia, to South Korea. What so many festivalgoers looked forward to was of course the appearance of K-Hip Hop artists such as DPR Live, iKON’s Bobby, GRAY, Crush, and Simon Dominic. Not only that, the stage was opened by local syndicates such as Tuan Tigabelas, Matter Mos and RAMENGVRL.

Took place on Saturday, August 31st 2019 at Helipad Parking Ground GBK Senayan, Jakarta, Asian Sound Syndicate 2019 (ASS) covered music, food, art and fashion all in one event, features International Syndicate and Local Syndicate, the first volume combines local hip-hop live performance, a blend of K-POP & Hip-hop showcases, representing ASIAN take on hip-hop, with their lineups.

One of the highlights from the event is iKON’s Bobby’s stage who dominated the whole festival and performed a total of eight songs, which include Holup, Full House, Tendae, Runaway, Up, Go, and YGGR, he has made an impression in the eyes of underground hip hop enthusiast who attended the festival by his rap. This year may not be the best year for iKON, but as the only rapper in iKON, Bobby still shows his excitement in performing live and can be seen from his stage at ASS Vol. 1.

The stage was concluded with an amazing performance by rapper GRAY and Simon Dominic. The two rappers from the AOMG agency made the audience went crazy until midnight. The party began when GRAY went on stage by singing ‘Change’ and ‘Respect’ in a medley.

Not only the stage with mesmerizing lighting work that was filled by amazing lineups, the event also included other activities such as mural bombing and rap battle in the activation area. A few of the guests and also the host from TheFThing’s own show Jakarta Street Chapter helped enliven the event not only on stage but also with other activities outside the stage.
Zany, who was the speaker for art in JSC, took a part and did a mural bombing in ASS. Laze, who was also JSC’s speaker, attended ASS as a judge for the rap battle, and Upi a.k.a Tuan Tigabelas, JSC’s own host, participated as one of the performers.

Writer: Dela Naufalia Fitriani
Editor: Olivia Elena Hakim
Photos by Stellar Events

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