Hipster-run Catering is the New City Dwellers’ Diet

In the midst of our daily hullabaloo, we all have that wishful thinking to eat healthier food (or maybe, even become a vegan!) and finally gain that dream bod that’s been on your New Year resolution like, five years in a row. The rise of hip caterers seems to be the answer of it all.


These trending caterers are far from your mom’s traditional catering service; first, they’re packed professionally in contemporary take-away form, so your eyes can also enjoy the feast. Then, the ingredients are prepared to suit your needs – Diet? Maintaining weight? Gain muscle? Contrary to traditional catering, the business has more than just chef in the team – Leafwell, one of the players in town has dedicated doctors in their team while 3 Skinny Minnies has a diet coach than can be contacted by its clienteles for consultations.

The diet enthusiasts welcome this trend gleefully since it spares them the hassle of counting calories, shopping for organic products and, of course, cooking. Just like traditional caterers, they provide packages for week or month; lunch, dinner, or both. Yet making sure their clients stay in touch with reality, all these players always remind them to take care of the food they eat outside the catering program and do regular workout. So diet catering definitely not an instant path to your health goal, but they’ll definitely get you closer to your goal. What do you think about it?

Photos courtesy of Leafwell

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