Horror and Comedy Movies are the Cause of Premature Aging

Watching movies is an activity that helps release fatigue and relieves stress.

Each person has a favorite movie and a different genre, whether it’s romance, comedy, horror, or thriller. But did you know, when watching a movie can you release the signs of aging on the face?
While watching a movie, take time to remove the issued by the face. Experts trust faces when watched like shudder in horror at a thriller or comedy film, can contribute to the frown lines. A survey of 2 thousand people found, horror movie fans will put out an expression of fear on their faces an average of 20 times during watching. The same thing is done by fans of thriller. They will make facial expressions of shock, tension or horror on average 50 times. Meanwhile comedy movie fans will laugh an average of 115 times while watching.
Dr Harry Singh from the beauty and fitness brand FOREO said, repetition of facial expressions while watching a film can add crow’s feet and crow’s feet or as it is said to explain the wrinkles that appear in the outer corners of the eye.
“A surprised facial expression activates the forehead evaluator muscle known as the frontalis. When that expression is repeated, the muscles will get stronger and develop horizontal lines on the forehead,” Dr Singh said by Okezone quoted from the Mirror on Wednesday.
Source: Okezone
Image courtesy: Cosmopolitan

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