How to Cool Yourself Down from the Hot Weather

As the sun is out all year long in this scotching hot country it is incredibly necessary for you to learn how to survive the hot temperatures with tips for cooling down in the summer heat.

  1. Keep Yourself Hydrated
Keeping yourself hydrated is important, and as the temperature is going hotter, you have a bigger chance to sweat more than you usually do. Therefore you need more water fuel in your system. That doesn’t mean you need to drink 20 glasses of water in a day though, instead you need to keep your water supply around 6-8 glasses in a day, and drink more if you’re staying under the sun for a long time.
  1. Wear Breathable Clothes
During the heat wave season, it is the best to wear some light colored clothes, and white is the one we recommend for you, just like this one. And it’s only 388k on The F Thing

  1. Cold Pressures for Your Body
When the weather is just too hot for you to bear, you can press some important points of your body with some cold pressures of ice pack or wet towels. Neck, wrist, chest, and temples are the spots that have the closest veins to your skin and by pressing the cold onto them, you’ll access the blood and circulatory system more effectively.
  1. Cold Shower Before Bed
Shower is an effective way to cool down your body temperature, but we don’t want a temperature shock happens in your body, so start with some lukewarm water before changing the temperature to the cold one. Read more here on the benefit of cold shower before bed.
  1. Use Fast-absorbing Sunscreen
As essential as it is to your daily routine, the sticky one isn’t the one to use during summer. Hence, you should try the water-based one, just like the one from Aqua Series on The F Thing.
Source: ebpcooh
Writer: Windyannisa Cindrati
Editor: Olivia Elena Hakim


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