How to Express Your Anger with Manner

Everybody express their feelings in different ways, including anger. Many keep them bottled up inside, but there are also so many people who act on their anger through verbal language or even being physically aggressive.

Matthew Lieberman, neuroscientist from UCLA explains that the best way to manifest anger is by expressing it in a healthy way because the process will contribute to a better mental and physical health.
Here are how you can express your anger with manner:

  1. Wait Out.
Before you begin to vent out your anger, take a deep breath first, try to clear your head by taking some fresh air and have a moment for yourself. When you’re angry you’re rushing yourself to spit out your frustration right away, so before that try to regain yourself first before you shake the world.
  1. Call a Friend.
Before you blame anyone in front of you, go find your friends and talk to them first—but don’t forget to give them a warning beforehand.
  1. Give yourself a moment.
Grab a pillow and scream out loud to your pillow, release it from your inner side and let yourself breathe out of relief.
  1. Dance it out.
Call Alexa and ask her to play your favorite music out loud and just dance your anger out of yourself.
  1. Sweat it out.
Go out and release your anger through outdoor activities, you can go with tennis, boxing, volley, gold, or even swimming—anything that will use so much of your energy. The after taste of your activities will calm you down, it’s a good thing to try!
Source: Psychology today, bustle
Writer: Windyannisa Cindrati
Editor: Olivia Elena Hakim
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