How to Meditate Yourself with Crystals

Nowadays you can find so many ways to meditate yourself, including with crystals. Crystals have become a preference tool to cleanse someone’s energy throughout the eras. As magical as it sounds, they’ve been a great help to many, and if you’re still contemplating on how to do it, here’s how you can meditate yourself with crystals.

When it comes to meditation, people do it to have an ease spiritually and emotionally. It is done to clear our thoughts so that we can hear the voice of our higher selves. Many believe that crystal is a good tool to help us doing so which making meditation even more effective. Crystals can help you connect yourself to earth and work in a perfect sync to help you relieve your stress, enhancing your inner self, and lull yourself to have a better sleep.
The best way to use crystals effectively is by putting them close to you physically and aligned them together to create the perfect chemistry. There are some ways to function these crystals for you:
  1. Hold them close in your hands
As you hold them close in your hands, you will allow their energy to soak into you and they will sense your intention and will eventually assist what you need.

  1. Place them on your chakras
Everyone has their own chakra point all over their body, with different function on each point. You need to find which spot that you want to focus on before putting the crystals over them and make them work for you.
  1. Create a crystal grid
There are two ways to do this, first there are some people who feel comfort by putting the crystals over their body as they meditate, and there are those who don’t. Thus, what you can do is creating a crystal grid around you as you meditate, at the front, in the back, and one on each side. By having them close to you as you meditate, you can enhance each stone’s energy and amplify them to your own.

Source: bustle, elitedaily
Writer: Windyannisa Cindrati
Editor: Olivia Elena Hakim

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