How To: Pairing Oysters with The Right Drinks

Oysters and beer, too good to be true? Not a chance—and perhaps summer’s most sought-after pairing. Here, a foolproof guide on pairing oysters with beer, wine, and even cider—because summer’s not over yet.

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“Stouts are one of the few beverages that go well with similar creamy flavors, and opposites like spicy and salty. For oyster lovers that pile on horseradish or Tabasco, never fear—stouts are still a perfect pairing.”

Wheat Beer
“My preference tends towards the pilsner, lager end of the spectrum, but wheat beers and beers that have citrus notes will also work well. When in doubt though, I always go with oysters and very cold Miller High Life.”

Dessert Beer
“It might sound different but a light, effervescent dessert beer like our Double Bean Blonde pairs well with crisp, slightly sweeter east coast varieties like Blue Point, Chesapeake, and Quonset Point.”

“Cider is another of my favorite things to pair with oysters, especially Foggy Ridge Serious Cider.”

Poached Rock Oysters, Pickled Cucumber and Caviar.The Sportsman, Seasalter.

Poached Rock Oysters, Pickled Cucumber and Caviar.The Sportsman, Seasalter.

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Sparkling Wine
“When you have the opportunity to work with larger, semi-creamy, and briny Pacific oysters such as the Kumiai (Mexico) or Grand Cru (Washington), you have the chance to pair an intense and complex blanc de blanc. The bubbles work beautifully with creamy oysters.”

White Wine
For a classic pairing, turn to Chablis, Muscadet, and Sauvignon Blanc.

Source: Vogue

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