How to Refuse When Your Partner Asks for “More”

Everybody has their own pace when it comes to intimacy and it can become the case when the partner is already on the stage to step up the game when the other partner is just not on the same page, yet.

Then the question goes, “Can I refuse?” or “Are they going to get hurt when I reject?” guess what, it’s totally fine to refuse their demand and it’s possible to do it without hurting their feelings. Read more below to know how to refuse when your partner asks for “more.”
  • Be bold and behold to your opinions
First and foremost, it’s your body, and it’s all up to you whether or not you want to lay down for your partner or not. What to highlight here is that you need to be bold and behold to your opinions. Let them know what your thoughts are on this, and if they still push you to do what they want without even bother to listen to you, you now see what kind of jerks you’re dealing with and it’s time to say adios.
  • Reassure your partner about your feelings
Reassurance can be tricky, especially after a rejection, however showing your partner about your feelings and why you both are meant to be can be done without sex. Not to mention, it’s actually a good way to mediate with your partner too. It is true that rejection can cause the loss of both physical and emotional connection, but by reassuring your partner that the roses are still blooming is through your actions.
  • Make it two ways conversation with your partner
Though it’s important for your partner to understand your situation, you also need to put yourself in their shoes too. Listen to their concerns, and discuss them together, if they still insist for “more,” perhaps you can ask some other suggestions apart from having actual sex. And remember, you own nobody for your body, so stand for yourself before you do it for someone else.
Editor: Olivia Elena Hakim
Writer: Windyannisa Cindrati
Source: GQ, Psychology Today, Bustle

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