How to Say ‘I Love You’ for the Introverts

Hearing someone expressing their love to you have this magical feeling that could turn your bad day and charged yourself with an excellent mood all of sudden. The incredible feeling that can make you smile all day long and barely functional because of that certain someone who reminds you of Sunday morning feeling when a black coffee tastes so sweet.

The feelings of being in love is like a mixture of sweet sunrises and minty sunsets. it’s crazy how someone’s laugh feels like your daily dose of vitamin to keep yourself reminded you have someone so dearly close in your heart who accepts you for the way you are, someone who is worth fighting for. On one of her poems, Lang Leav expressed that love is a hurricane wrapped inside a chrysalis, and you are a girl walking into the storm. Who can argue with that?
The real question is, why is it so hard to do it? Probably because you’re not the right one to say it, you might not be don’t know how to do it, or you just not used to express your feelings out loud. Telling your partner how much you love him or her sometimes would ended up hanging on the tip of your tongue without it had the chance of being said, and that’s something you need to worry about cause as they say nothing does last forever. So before you’re running out of time, before she or he goes furtherer away from you, you better take your time to let them know how much they mean to you right? If it’s hard for you my introvert friends, here are some ways you can show them your feelings without having to do it directly to them.
  1. A classic love letter
Some things are better written than said, that’s how a love letter works. It’s possible for you to having it hard describing your emotions verbally, you might feel cringed or shy when you have to face your love one and say everything out loud, because not everybody is blessed with the credibility of being bold. So for you with these conditions you can try this one, love letter. Writing a love letter lets you have more time to gather your thoughts and organizing your words to present your heart better and more accordingly. It is the best way for you the introverts and you who are secretly hopeless romantic.

  1. Jar of hearts
    This one is very unique and would definitely make your partner goes speechless. If you find writing letter is still hard for you to tearing down your feelings into words, you can try this one. Jar of heart is basically filled with pieces of paper with messages on it, to make it more fun and different you can do it by writing down lyrics that reminded you of your partner, or lyrics of your favorite songs together. to make it fun, you can decorate the jar with your photos together or with his/her favorite quotes. This jar of lyrics would be the perfect gift for your anniversary’s date.

  1. Love coupons
    Love coupons are definitely the cutest one. Although it might be a bit craftier than the previous one, this definitely will got her/him more engaged to you. Love coupons  could be anything; for instance “coupon for a guys’ night” for your boyfriend to have a peaceful night with his friends without you disturbing him or “coupon for you to give me a back massage”, it could be anything and the sender has to follow what your partner choose.

  1. Cards of surprises
    Card of surprises, this one is very simple all you need to have is a pack of cards, two rings and one marker. You can decorate the cards as you like but the point of the cards of surprises is telling your partner what makes you grateful for her/him with one simple message on each card. It’s utterly easy to do and it contains so much of love inside. Go try this one!


  1. Postcards of moments
    For you who likes writing but love letter is a bit too long for you and the others are too difficult for you to do, you can try this one. It’s very simple and takes a bit of efforts but still meaningful for you to make and for your partner to receive. To make this, you can print out your favorite moments together with the best quality of paper definitely and then stick them with glue to some postcards, and there you have it postcards of moments. You can add some messages if you like on the postcards to make your partner more speechless.

So which one is the best one for you? Go try one of it and let us know which one works the best for you!
Writer: Windyannisa Cindrati
Editor: Olivia Elena Hakim
Photos courtesy of Shutterstock

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