I Will Love You, Until… (Part 2)

Last week, we have discussed about love, about how long it takes to get “expired” – your zodiac might haven’t been mentioned last week; worry not, here you are.


… You Mess With My Peace
Libra are natural peace makers and diplomats. Just like their sign, they like things to be equal and just to make this world a paradise. But, Libra is also a child of Venus and will do everything to make relationship lasts. They will slowly pull out from you, and once they are gone, just don’t even think of disturbing them.
… You Start Keeping Secrets From Me
You have to make sure you come clean to Scorpions because damn, they hate to be left out. No matter how messed up you are, Scorpio will love you completely and whole as long as you don’t lie and outsmart them in the process.
… You No Longer Bring Me Hope
If you makes them feel miserable, man you are done. They love an optimistic person, as soon as you shut their vision, they will also close their door of hopes for you.
… You Give Up
Capricorns will fight to make things last, especially relationship. They are truthful and warm-hearted. They adores people to have a spark in their own life, once you stop loving and setting goals , they will do so too.
… You Look Like Everyone Else
Aquarians are drawn to uniqueness. A little traits others might not care about is important to them. They love diversity in each human and wish the same towards someone they love and admire.
… You Make Me Stop Dreaming
Don’t kill Pisces’ dream because they despise it. They love to have faith in their passion and dreams. It’s okay if you want to give some notes but remember to keep it tender and warm since Pisces are sensitive.
Writer: Ervina Michelle Liem
Editor: Olivia Elena Hakim


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