Experience the Winter Spirit at ICEFEST 2019

ICEFEST 2019 is the answer to enjoy the year-end holiday traveling with your family and friends without the need to go far out of town or abroad – it’s enough for you to just be around Indonesia’s capital city.

The biggest family expo festival with winter village theme will be the most exciting destination for family holiday in December 2019. Visitors will experience the real winter festival with AM/PM experience and 10 Celsius degrees and below inside the Happy Village. The fun part, not only the decoration, you can actually get the edutainment experience for the whole family, only at ICEFEST 2019. This event is also one of the events that has a purpose to raise money for a good cause. They’re doing charity since all the money from the ticket sales will be allocated for the construction of several child foundations in need.

This festival will also provide an unusual entertainment and shopping experience that is supported by well-known favorite brands for fashion lovers. As a part of the event, The F Thing Mall will satisfy the visitors’ fashion needs from both local and international brands. The F Thing’s CCO, Haryo Suryo Putro stated that The F Thing sees ICEFEST 2019 as an event that should not be missed to be a collaborative partner. Moreover, ICEFEST also serves Le Gourmet area and Food Market especially for culinary lovers.

It’s guaranteed the astonishing winter experience without having to travel outside the country. Tickets will be sold in the form of passports, only with 50K Rupiah, visitors can enter the Happy Village and enjoy the ICEFEST festival.
Writer: Dela Naufalia Fitriani
Editor: Olivia Elena Hakim

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