ICON (Indonesian Ideas Conference) 2018: “Reboot: Ctrl+Alt+Del”

The Indonesian Students’ Association of University of New South Wales (PPIA UNSW), is proud to once again present their eye-opening event, ICON, or Indonesian Ideas Conference, this upcoming May of 2018. A creative platform hosted by Indonesian students, that centres around idea sharing and inspiring our community to make an impact in our society.

They believe in having big dreams and even bigger passions! Therefore, they sought out to invite some of the biggest achievers from various fields to share their insights and experience through this fun and engaging conference. ICON aims to continue its vision to being the hub for innovation and excellence for generations of Indonesians to come; to make a difference in their respective lives.


This year, ICON’s theme revolves around the computer keyboard command, “Ctrl + Alt + Del”.


Control (Ctrl) – Control your foresight and comprehend your ideas


Alter (Alt) – Alter your future to how you envision it to be


Delete (Del) – Delete your fears and take action today  


To discover, to develop and to take the first step. ICON strongly believe in encouraging individuals to not only discover, but also to shape their future to the way they envision it to be. To ignite the passion within and to turn ones’ dream into reality. For this theme, ICON will be divided into 3 segments – CTRL, ALT & DEL respectively. Each session will consist of either 1 or 2 speakers that will speak in relation to that session’s subject, and by the end of the event they hope that the audience will be able to REBOOT their future; inspired to take the first step and to live out their dreams to their full potential.

Moreover, as PPIA UNSW also strongly believes in making a difference in our society, we too, aim to give back to the community. Therefore, all proceedings from this conference will be donated to “Yayasan Tangan Pengharapan”.

Visit website ppia-unsw.org/icon or social media instagram:@icon_2018 and facebook page ICON 2018 for more information.

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