A Sucker for Meme? Here’s the Most Recommended Android Application for Meme Creators!

 Android Authority has unleashed their list on best meme-generating apps. Check these out, guys!

GATM Meme Generator
No watermark, no cry! They also swear by its template and stability.
Both new and classic, Memetic has all the meme templates that you need – or, you can also add your own picture to crack some inside jokes.
Old, but gold. One of the pionneering meme generator out there, Memedroid keeps up with trend and you can still find some new templates here.
The Tumblr Gang
Tumblr, IFunny, and Giphy – you name it, those are already the household labels for daily meme generating. Combining arts and functionality, those are the three musketeers that won’t dissapoint you.
Source: iNews

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