The Ageless Beauts: Ririn and Agla

The 33-year-old actress is a familiar face known among Indonesian, from the big screen to the soap opera, Ririn Dwi Ariyanti is the poster girl for your friendly next-door girl. Agla Artalidia, on the other hand, is a beautiful newcomer who steadily grows a number of loyal fans who follow her career.

Since June 2016, the two stars in NET TV’s own Kesempurnaan Cinta as Renata (Ririn) and Febby (Agla). Through the ups and down of this melodrama, both Ririn as well as Agla have garnered quite a supportive fanbase Off screen, the two develops such a #friendshipgoal.

So have you girls been friends since the show or before the show?
Agla and Ririn: “Well, we first met on set during 2016. In this series, we’re portrayed as cousins, and since we have a lot of shooting schedule together, we grew closer and our friendship develops from there.”
Amazingly enough, you girls defo look alike –twin almost! Did you notice that?
Agla: “I didn’t at first. Though I noticed that we kinda think alike.”
Ririn: “Really? Well then, Agla must be proud to be called my twin since I’m pretty. Kiddinggg. I do notice that we both have such wide eyes and both are thin, so maybe in a glimpse—people often think us as sisters.”
Since you guys are besties, what do you think would annoy Ririn?
Agla: “She’s the royal type, she likes to share with her friends, so I think she would be annoyed if there’s a friend who comes across as stingy.”
How about you, Ririn?
Ririn: “Agla is the opposite of me, she’s a really well-planned and well-scheduled type of girl, whilst I’m a bit chill. So I think Agla would find that part of me annoying. Pretty sure she hates waiting.”
Now let’s talk about style, describe your style signature?
Agla: “I like a bit of layers and colors.”
Ririn: “Simple and minimalist.”

You guys have entered the 30s, but still look fab. Any secrets?
Agla: “Sunscreen and face oil.”
Ririn: “My beauty secret is to be happy. Treatment wise, I usually wear moisturizer and night cream on daily basis. I rarely wear beauty products just to avoid the chemical ingredients. Trust me, if you regularly consume veggies and fruits on daily basis—this will affect your skin. Recently, I love drinking pure celery juice every morning.”
How do you define friendship?

“To have someone to share your ups and downs, your joy as well as your sorrow.”


“A friend is someone who lets us be our own self. And to be genuine to each other and to always support one another.”

Editor: Galuh Tathya
Fashion Stylist: Rut Caroline @carolinemeliala
Photographer: Kevin Aulia
Makeup Artist: Silvy Kurnia Dewi for Agla and Yayi Hanoum for Ririn
Location at Bowie Beaucoup

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