Anton Polyakov Brings Transnistria to the Map through His Photos

Anton Polyakov—a Transnistrian photographer who comes to light by bringing the beauty of his unrecognized country to the globe.

Polyakov is a 26-years-old photographer who is born and raised in Transitria, a country in Moldova region that has never been acknowledged by the world despite declaring their proclaiming its independence over 25 years ago. Although having his identity identified as a Moldovan, Polyakov is still putting his Transnistrian root close to his heart, therefore he’d like to share about his unknown country to the world who offers love and a strong sense of community on the hand by his breathtaking project called Mahala.


“It seems to us that by engaging with photography and reflecting on the processes that take place in this territory, we declare our existence to the world, and the world thus recognizes our country – at least in the cultural space,” Anton said to British Journal of Photography.
Mahala is a word in Moldovan local dialect that is used for an isolated group of people who are friendly towards each other and feel that by being together they can form a community. So through the project, they’d like to show how the subjects are separated from the world but they’ve known each other for their entire life—helping one another and growing up together.

Writer: Windyannisa Cindrati
Editor: Olivia Elena Hakim
Source: British journal of photography

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