Artotel is Coming to Wahid Hasyim, Jakarta

After starting their first Artotel in Thamrin Jakarta, Artotel Group is now officially launching their brand new hotel in KH Wahid Hasyim Street, Jakarta.

“We’re displaying arts in our hotels and that would give our customers a different sensation with their previous experiences in other hotels,” explained Erastus Radjimin, CEO of Artotel Group. Only took 82 working days to make the hotel happens—Artotel is ready to give their guests some pleasures in arts and amenities in the heart of Jakarta.

As every Artotel has their own theme, this one is taking Metamorphosis as their main theme for the hotel to display their message as a re-branded hotel. For the arts spectrum, Artotel is working hand-in-hand with five remarkable artists of their team: Lala Bohang, Rega Ayundya, Ricky Janitra, Restu Taufik Akbar, and Marishka Soekarna.

Divided into two building, west and east buildings, each building has their own specialties with 122 rooms of studio type 20 and 40 combined in total. The arts and the wooden furniture are not the only things that make each room glows—in fact, every room in the hotel is also provided with 43 inches television and a Nescafé Dolce Gusto coffee maker to support your daily activities. On top of that, Artotel is also providing their guests with 24 hours restaurant and bar—Bang Bang Restaurant & Bar and an exclusive art space for you the art hunters.

Writer: Windyannisa Cindrati
Editor: Olivia Elena Hakim

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