Bogor is Claimed to be One of the Cleanest Cities in Asia

Through Clean Air Asia, Bogor City will be the pilot project on the fresh air development program.

The city of rain is already sitting on the sixth rank as the city with the purest air in Asia with an air quality index of 85, 3 in 2017.  According to one of the researches that is held by Bogor Agricultural University, the air quality index in Bogor is already above the air quality index in West Java which in the number of 77,85. Although the air quality in Bogor is already magnificent, the government is still pursuing to get a better air quality than it already is. Therefore, Mr. Bima Arya as the Major of Bogor would like to implement the Clean Air Asia program properly to achieve the best air quality for his people and for the environment as well.
Source: Global Radio

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