The Dorian Gray-esque Gent: Nicky Tirta

Back in the early 2000, his name became very much well known thanks to the many roles he had in the country’s soap opera. The 35-year-old actor is currently known as today’s celebrity chef, though he still acts on the side. But overall physically, he does not seem to age. Kinda makes us wonder what his secret is.

What inspires you to finally have a business and even expanding it to culinary business—premium business Kytir Brownies?
“I’ve always loved cooking since I was a teenager, back when I was in Aussie. I always cooked for myself just to minimize the expense. During those years, it was the start of the hay day of cooking TV shows. That was the time when I developed an interest in cooking and took a culinary course even. I learned that cooking is one of my passions, especially pastries.”
What’s the next step for you?
“I’m currently saving to open a resto or a coffee shop, it’s still on progress. I’m also gonna be an ambassador for a couple of brands in the near future.”
Aside from cooking and baking, you’re also into exercise. Your most fave exercise?
“Since I limit the amount of acting jobs that I take, I have a lot of time to do exercise. Initially, I just wanted to be healthy. My old routine revolved only around working and eating and working and eating, I gained a lot of weight due to that routine. The last years, I’ve been actively working out just to be healthy. Having a great physics is just a bonus.”

So you’re still active in the acting world?
“Yes, I still act, but I just limit the quantity of work that I took. For example, I’m currently working with a foodie brand, creating recipes for them, doing cooking demo to various areas to support the brand. I’m happy that these brands put a trust in me to inspire people to cook more.”
So from acting to cooking and we’ve also heard that you’re also into singing? Tell us more about your song with Natalie Zen, it’s a Mandarin song, right?
“Yes, it’s a remake of a hit song circa 2012-2013 called ‘Indah Cintaku’. I got an offer from a fellow musician Alam Urbach to remake the song in Mandarin. Honestly, it caught me off guard because it’s been a long time since I sing. The audio process is held by Alam personally. The song will be available on any music platform, and the video itself is made by Ersan Dandy and styled by Caroline Meliala, as well as the other team who were involved.”
How do you balance all your work and your role as father?

“It’s simple, really, just be grateful at everything we do and enjoy it. So whatever the given tasks, we’ll do it wholeheartedly.”

“I’m very happy being a father, and the opportunity to take care of my kid and make sure she gets the best education. I’m always focused at what I do, and I’m always doing the best that I can do and hopefully I’ll get the best result in return.”
Thank you. Next?
“I’m still passionate in being a celebrity chef and working together with various brands, even becoming their ambassadors, and acting for FTV and films, and launching a single. I also got another secret project. Hopefully I can visualize my dream of having my own coffee shop and bakery.”

Editor: Galuh Tathya
Photographer: Oktamus Hendro
Stylist: Caroline Meliala
MUA: Annabela
Wardrobe: Legiteamate, available at

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