Dress Like a Gentlemen (Part 1)

Dressing to a formal event is tough sometimes, even for women. Not everybody has the vibe of David Beckham on hands.


Picking a nice suit is already hard – imagine what comes with it: Picking the right type of shirts, materials, cut of pants and tie. No worries guys, here are some tips:
  1. Pick Your Suit’s Color
There are many suit colors depend on how daring you are. You don’t need to be as flamboyant as Harry Styles, just pick dark-colored suit such as Navy Blue or Black. Pinstripe suit is also a good choice as it’s subtle but also different.
  1. Pick Your Shirt’s Color/Pattern
While wearing Navy Blue, you can wear White, Light Blue even Pink shirt. To be frank, Navy Blue allows you to play more with shirt colors than Black, because Black is a very formal color and usually paired best with White. You can also go to subtle patterns for your suit such as small polka-dots, or light stripe.
  1. Pick Your Collar Type
One type of collar that’s quite on trend right now is mandarin collar. But you can also go back to classic. If the event is quite formal, you can wear Spread, Classic also Pinned. If the event is a bit casual, Button Down, Mandarin and Wing Tip is more proper.
  1. The Right Material for the Right Event
Attending a beachside wedding? Don’t wear your typical woolen suit. Take out your Linen suit and paired it with Linen shirt. You can style it with 2 buttons undone. If it’s a indoor or business event, then woolen suit is the one to go to.
  1. Pick a Tie
Tie is pretty versatile, there are many types of tie but the most common is Classic Tie and Bow Tie. A necktie has many ways to be tied. When you feel a bit on fashion choose Bowtie, if you want to look more formal, Classic is the one. There are also Ascot Tie, Cravat Tie, Windsor Tie, and many more.
  1. Then, the Tie’s Color
Play with patterns. While you already have a plain shirt and suit, then you can choose some patterns for your tie. Nothing too fancy such as diagonal stripes, checkered, also polka-dots.
  1. Pick Your Pants’ Cut and Color
Go with an ankle-length slim fit, it will make your legs look longer. If you are tall and lanky, you can also choose cuffed trousers. When your pants are made of Wool, they are usually lined which provides more comfort. It’s better for you to buy suits in sets but different-colored suit and pants are okay too. It’s just harder to put together.
Next edition, we will discuss about the accessories and what is good fit and bad fit.
Writer: Ervina Michelle Liem
Editor: Olivia Elena Hakim

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