Footballers’ Holiday Style from Neymar to Pogba

In the midst of World Cup fever, we gathered the information on how to bask in holiday, footballers’ style. You might find ideas for your next venture!

1. Peter Crouch

The British man is also a family guy, as we can see from his recent Twitter post, Crouch was having a blast summer holiday-ing with his family on a zoo, feeding giraffes.

2. Paul Pogba

The French player,  Paul Labile Pougba decided to go on a pilgrimage to Holy Land as a way to spend his holiday.

3. Simon Mignolet

Simon Mignolet prefers the classic Baywatch-style holiday. The Belgian hunk really know how to flaunt his asset!

4. Romelu Lukaku

Moving on to this Belgian striker, he’s more into adrenaline rush and decided to venture into the desert!


5. Mamadon Sakho

Other footballers who chose to get au naturale as he spent times with his families in Tanzania.


Source: iNews

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