Free Tats, Free Beers, Free Admission at #FTheSystem

On Friday, May 11 2018, the bar was high at Woolloomooloo Jakarta, because #FTheSystem was on the loose. Started at 7 PM, the free flow beer from Beervana dominated the day, complemented with the crazy long free tattoos queue by Revolver, and free music by Konsumma Collective. Moreover, rising local brands in the likes of Paradise Youth Club, Public Culture, Get Dirrty, and Ladness showcased a very lit installation. Beervana, as the official partner, held a drink beer competition, and from the eight people, there were only two people who luckily brought six packs of beer from Beervana. Also, people formed a long queue for getting a free tats from Revolver. The crazy line was the main spotlight that night. And as the DJs played on the music, it only led us to the main show: Boy William and Kamasean sang The F Thing Anthem and pumped up the crowd.


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