Good Guy Kevin Widaya. Irresistibly Good.

One guy with a lot of labels under his sleeve, you gotta love this cool next-door neighbour. Singer. Songwriter. Actor. Dare we say, also, lawyer? But one label that best defines him is this: Anak Selatan. Which begs the question: what is Anak Selatan?

‘Irresistibly Good’, tell us more about that.
“It’s actually a surprise single for me, because the song was not my initial pick. Before my previous band went vacuum at the end of 2017, I was wondering which genre should I bring out this time, and this song was one of the options. ‘Irresistibly Good’ is a song that speaks to me best.”
Just gotta ask tho: Irresistibly Good—how good?

“The song basically stripped me down, talking about how I would love someone if I were in a relationship. You see, there are times when your partners try to look better to impress you or to impress someone else, with the heavy make ups, or putting on the trendiest or latest fashion style—the woman sometimes forgot why I fall for her in the first place. So the song basically tells that girl or my partner that I love her unconditionally—without all the masks.”

So a goal has been unlocked now that you released a single of your own. Tell us more about your background prior to Kevin Widaya.
“I joined a band during my university year, we had school gigs and stuff, then I got an offer to be in a band called Groovy. They wanted to rebrand the band to New Groovy. I went on tours, got a lot of fans, and we released an indie song in 2014 without a label. After the band broke up, I went on a solo career and worked together with a friend of mine to brainstorm my own single. Once I set out my goal, I put my entire mind to it to visualize my goal. The master plan this year, initially, was to release an album—but I realize that if I push everything by this year, then it’s just me feeding my greed instead of delivering quality. So I decided to at least release two more singles, whilst putting all my best efforts for Kevin Widaya and the Southern Souls.”
Let’s talk about Kevin the actor, is there any chances to see him in the future?
“Well, acting is something familiar for me since I did it since such a young age, I used to do a lot of commercial auditions until my mom wanted me to put it on halt in order for me be more focused on my education. And then the offer came again to do a small role for a short movie project, which to my surprise the movie has a great feedback. As long as I still get good offers, I wouldn’t mind and will do my best.”
Apart from being a singer, you also work at a law firm, how do you manage the time?
“During the interview, I told them that I’m a singer and they were very understanding towards it. Although it’s a new challenge for me, but it’s nice to try and give my best shot to a new focus. Also, I always make a to-do list every night and recheck everything in the next morning, I’m quite good at listing down my priorities, so far I’m handling both just fine.”
A law firm by day, a stage by night.
“Actually, my working mode shaped how I present myself to the crowds. From addressing people in a formal manner, how to dress up properly, and paying attention on my body language, these aspects contributed to how I behave professionally as a singer.”
Out of curiosity, you grew up in a Selatan area and now you also have a career in Selatan, are you familiar with the term ‘Anak Selatan’? Safe to say, you’re one of them.

“Well, I was raised and grew up in Southern part of Jakarta and, for me, the term ‘Anak Selatan’ isn’t about people who only go to South Jakarta to hang out. It’s also about a distinctive sense of style and a cool personality, believe it or not it’s sort of a status that many would like to be labeled as. It’s a social status that confirms someone’s status as “the cool kids”, it’s pretty hard to explain but when you know—you know.”


Editor: Galuh Tathya
Writer: Windyannisa Cindrati
Photographer: Ganang Arfiandi
Digital Imaging: Ari Angga
MUA: Nadia Renata
Stylist: Salsabila Sari
Wardrobe: SVH & Rigio, available at The F Thing

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