Google Admitted Their Guilt in the Foldable Phone Trend

Many smartphone manufacturers have prepared their own version of foldable-screened smartphones, including Google. The American tech giant apparently has made a screen prototype that could be folded.

According to Pixel mobile developer Mario Queiroz, Google has experimented with a foldable form ahead of the I/O Conference. But the search engine giant is apparently in no hurry to bring the products to the market. “We really made the technological prototype. We’ve been doing it for a long time,” Queiroz said in an interview last week at Google’s headquarters in Mountain View, California.
“I think devices need to be more innovative than that,” he said, referring to the growing screen size offering folding cellphones. Unfortunately, it is not explained how far Google has developed a foldable prototype or how the screen will operate when it’s opened and closed. At present, only two smartphone manufacturers have released folding screen phones namely Samsung and Huawei.
Samsung Galaxy Fold has a smaller screen on the front and opens to a larger screen on the inside. Huawei Mate X which can be folded, has a different design that puts an 8-inch screen on the outside.
Source: iNews

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