Grooming 101 by Ariel Nayaka

Hip-hop artists have always been famed for sporting oversized sweaters or hoodies, swaggy pants, accessories to flex their styles. Walaupun selama ini hip-hop dikenal berkat musiknya yang didominasi beat elektro dan rap, hip-hop juga pastinya sering dikaitkan dengan para artisnya yang sering tampil dengan gaya fashionnya yang selalu mengarah ke streetwear. Other than that, we have seen a lot of our go-to rappers rocking cargo pants from the old era to the newer ones. That’s why Ariel Nayaka, or well-known as A. Nayaka, said that cargo pants are his go-to bottoms.

Walaupun sudah bergabung dengan label internasional DefJam, rapper asal Indonesia yang berumur 26 tahun mengakui bahwa yang ia sukai dari hip-hop scene di Indonesia adalah karena memiliki bahasanya sendiri, latar belakang sendiri, dan juga mempunyai banyak gaya yang berbeda.

What kind of fashion style do you wear 24/7?
Oversize, oversize, and oversize! It’s always better to wear something too big rather than too small. I try to keep colors on monochrome, but sometimes I just go crazy. Like my ‘Waktu Tiba’ merch, it’s a straight up tie-dye tee designed to pop up! Cargo pants are also my go-to bottoms, since for me, pockets are everything. I carry a lot of things with me all the time so I’m going to need those extra pockets! Sneakers on my feet every day. I got 2 pairs for every single occasion and function.”
Your 3 key fashion pieces?
The combination of sneakers and undercover cargo pants. I can literally wear these every day. Oh! And it got 7 pockets. Any comfortable hoodies. I also consider its fabric and sizing for me to wear it comfortably and meant to last a while. Last but not least is socks. The best piece of attire in the whole fit for me. It’s something you can wear with a different purpose every time.”
Any daily grooming routines?
I clean my facial hair in the morning after I shower. As for my hair, I wash my hair daily but what I do to it differs because my hairstyle changes every couple of months. Overall, I’m not so much of a neat and tidy person. But I know where everything is.”

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