Hindia is Ready for a ‘Bayangan Tour’

Baskara Putra, the rock band’s vocalist, Feast and also known as a soloist Hindia, is ready for a tour. After debuting with Menari Dalam Bayangan album, Hindia is up for another challenge to visit five big cities in Java island for a tour called, Bayangan Tour.

Bayangan Tour will take place on February 8th to 16th 2020 and will be opened in conjunction with a magic contest in Malang, Surabaya, Yogyakarta, Semarang, and Bandung. And to make this tour even more special, there will be a specific theme and flow for each city by each Magic contest member and will be enlivened by some special guest stars.
Bayangan Tour is jointly initiated by Sun Eater and Mula Creativa independently with Go-Tix as the official ticketing partner.

Source: USS Feed

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