How to Dress Like a Gentlemen (Part 2): Shoes and Pocket Square

Last week we discussed a little about how to dress truly like a gent. Now we are here to take it a step further.

Sometimes dressing is not complete without proper accessories. Shoes are indeed the closure of a look and while wearing suits, a pocket square wont hurt anybody.  Without further ado, lets get into it.
  1. Shoes
There are some type of shoes suitable for formal wear: Oxford, Derby, Brogue, Monk, Slip-on, Chukka Boots , Chelsea Boot – and after the styles, there are many types of stitching and materials you should be concerned about. As for the leather, there are Smooth Leather, Full Grain, Top Grain, Pebble Grain and Patent. Yes, understanding all of it must be a handful but it’s okay, if you don’t want to think too hard, you can match your shoes with your suit. Here are some of the rules:

While wearing : Medium to Light Grey Suit
Shoe color : Black, Brown and Burgundy
While Wearing : Navy Blue Suit ( more formal than Grey Suit )
Shoe Color : Black, Brown and Burgundy
While wearing : Brown Suit
Shoe Color : Brown , Burgundy
While wearing : Charcoal Grey Suit
Shoe Color : Black , Burgundy
While wearing : Black Suit
Shoe Color : Black
Other than those 5 colors, the rule is usually pretty flexible and casual. Don’t sweat it too much, as long as it looks good on the mirror you’re good to go. Keep the contrast clear and don’t clash too much.
  1. Pocket Square
There are tons of ways you can fold your pocket square. True they are not as practical as your sunglasses or expensive watches but, wearing it gives you a sense of sophistication and boost your fashion game to the moon. Pocket square exist to elevate your look, that’s why you need to let your aesthetic shines through it. Don’t shy away from bright colors and patterns. Since it has many types of folding, you might get confuse which fold is suitable for which occasion. Here some direction and steps
Square fold : For a more dignified look, conservative occasion where formality will be observed.
Steps :
  • Fold your pocket square in half on one side.
  • Fold your fold in half again on the other side.
  • Determine the width of your pocket, and fold the two sides in horizontally to fit accordingly.
  • Fold once vertically and smooth out your pocket square until you’re left with a straight, clean rectangle.
  • It should just peek through your pocket, offering a minimalist addition to looks.
  • Ensure the top of your fold follows the slant of your pocket
One-Point Fold : One of the most common and most recommended, more noticeable.
Steps :
  • Fold your pocket square in half horizontally.
  • Fold it in half vertically.
  • Spin your pocket square so that a point is facing you, in a diamond shape.
  • Fold it horizontally.
  • Flip the pocket square on the other side, concealing the edges
  • Fold the corners of the longer side of your folded pocket square until it resembles an open envelope.
  • Flip over and place in your pocket, with the triangle shape peeking out.
Two-Point Fold : It displays more brightness and patterns  if you have a truly nice fabrics.
  • Fold the pocket square in half horizontally.
  • Fold the pocket square in half vertically.
  • Hold the pocket square so it looks like a diamond.
  • Fold the bottom corner up to the left of the top corner.
  • Fold the left corner into the middle.
  • Adjust width according to pocket size
Three-Point Fold : To add dimension and can be a style to approach if you are fully comfortable with pocket square.
Steps :
  • Lay the pocket square out like a diamond.
  • Fold horizontally forming a pyramid.
  • Fold the bottom third up from the left and right.
  • Turn the pocket square over.
  • Fold each side of the pocket square in half towards the middle.
  • Fold the bottom point into the middle.
Puff Fold : Simplistic and relies on a traditional way to display your pocket square
Steps :
  • Find the center of the pocket square.
  • Make a circle with your hand.
  • Place the center of the pocket square over the circle.
  • Push the pocket square through it.
  • Fold the fabric back.
  • Pull the centre of the pocket square through.
  • Fold up the excess behind it.
Writer: Ervina Michelle Liem
Editor: Olivia Elena Hakim

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