Junkie Munkie x Legiteamate: The Event

After weeks of waiting, finally the main event of Junkie Munkie and Legiteamate was held. Located at The Swillhouse, Fairground, SCBD, Jakarta, the event was a full house. Special guests such as Valerie Thomas, Rafi Haikal, Denissa Hady, Amelia Bunjamin, and the rising star Yoshi Sudaro also came to the event.

Mark Sindoro, or widely known as Junkie Munkie, released his second album, titled Heartbreak SZn (read: Season). The album includes 13 new tracks that he produced by himself. Inspired by the separation with his longtime partner, Mark poured his heart out. The title track of the album has the same title and he worked with American singers, Blest Jones and Xzavian, and talented Indonesian singer, Kamasean.

Besides the album release, Junkie Munkie also did a special collaboration with Legiteamate for Heartbreak Szn official merchandise. The collection was dominated by black color with streetwear cuts here and there.

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