K-Pop Girl Groups Who Wear the Most Expensive Clothes

The phrase “Don’t judge a book by its cover” doesn’t seem right for a vocal group in the K-Pop realm. Here, fashion is very important because it can be an indicator of that group’s popularity.

The ValueChampion recently analyzed three K-Pop girl groups from the three largest agencies in South Korea, namely SM, JYP and YG. They are Red Velvet, Twice and BLACKPINK. The site then estimates the clothing costs charged by group members in their latest music video.
The result, YG’s BLACKPINK is a girl group with its member who wear the most expensive clothes. Their top 5 clothing totals USD 80,000 (Rp1 billion). That means, each fashion item costs an average of USD 15,000 (Rp213 million). This number is the same as 5 items combined for Twice or Red Velvet. One of the most expensive pieces of clothing BLACKPINK has ever worn is Chanel’s white top worn by Jennie. The top she wears is worth USD 25,000 (Rp356 million).
Clothing is indeed very influential for these groups. In fact, for a relatively small group of funds, it is interesting to note that they spent thousands of dollars on advertising funds just for their fashion.
However, fashion is not the only target to get sponsorship money. In the Kill This Love music video, BLACKPINK member were seen wearing a variety of products from smartphones to smart watches and accessory devices from Samsung. In the video, Samsung equipment used is valued at nearly USD 2,000. This makes BLACKPINK one of the most commercial K-Pop girl groups.
Until now, BLACKPINK is a girl group of K-Pop with the most followers. This was then followed by Red Velvet and Twice.
Source: Sindonews

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