Lady Gaga’s New Tats, What’s the Meaning Behind Them?

The A Star is Born actress, Lady Gaga just made another fuss among her fans for her new tattoo.

According to Refinery29 there’s something odd about her tattoo that is formed of musical scale. Through her Instagram account, Gaga posted the photo of her musical notes tattoo that is drawn between four lines, which supposed to be five lines to make it reasonable.
The little monsters started creating their own theories about the meaning behind the tattoo. Some of them read the tattoo as bass clef that spells B-C-B-C, which can be the initials from someone. The fans wondered whether the initials are coming from her partner in her debut movie, Bradley Cooper who she won the grammy with. The speculations about the meaning behind her tattoos are everywhere around the internet, until the Mother Monster make a clarification about it. She clarified that the notes are actually signing her own names in musical scale forms, as G-A-G-A.
Although she already made a statement about it, do you think there’s still another hidden meaning behind it?
Source: okezone

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