Little Women: A Review

Little Women novel by Louisa May Alcott is one of the most adapted American literary works in the form of stage drama, television series or films and also feature films. After the success of its widescreen version in 1994, last year, Sony released the latest version of the movie Little Women with Greta Gerwig as its director.

With a strong story, good directing and supported by casts who have qualified acting abilities, the Little Women version of 2019 is indeed very entertaining to watch. Although the storyline is a bit of a time jump from the time when the film’s story runs and the previous 7 years, the storyline can be quite easy to be followed. Moreover, not many changes made by Greta in this film from the 1994 version or from the original book.
Little Women tells of four sisters, namely the eldest Meg (Emma Watson), Jo (Saoirse Ronan), Beth (Eliza Scanlen) and the youngest Amy (Florence Pugh). They live with their mother, Margaret (Laura Dern) who is called Marmee in Concord, New Hampshire. Their father was a priest who participated in the American Civil War that occurred at that time.
Little Women will make the audience question about their family relationships. About their dynamics with their siblings or parents. The movie is emotional without overdoing it, but still touching. There are moments that feel relate to life today even though the movie is set in the past.
It is a dynamic family drama that touches and amazes anyone who watches it. This film is emotional without the gimmick here and there is excessive. You can watch Little Women in your favorite cinema. The movie has a rating of 13 years and above, aka teenagers. Have a good time watching!
Source: Sindonews

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