Marvel Entertainment’s Mysterious Tweet May Involve Rebooting the X-Men

The X-Men are being set up for some major events in and out of the comics.


In the wee hours of the night, Marvel Entertainment tweeted a new post filled to the brim with computer coding and three redacted memos referencing the Weapon Plus program and Super Soldier serum that created mutant Logan(Weapon X), Captain America Steve Rogers (Weapon I), and even Fantomex A.K.A Weapon 13.
Many speculate that the post has to do with the cancellation of every current X-Men-based comic and subsequent launch of two upcoming books called Powers of X and House of X by acclaimed writer Jonathan Hickman.

Teasing Powers of X & House of X

Powers of X (pronounced powers of 10) will showcase the unknown secret origin of mutants while House of X features a single month in which changes the lives of the X-Men team forever. Both books will weave together a cohesive story that intertwines at times, similar to Hickman’s Avengers and New Avengers run.

Jonathan Hickman’s last big Marvel story, Secret Wars, saw the writer tie Marvel’s two universes, the traditional 616 Universe and the Ultimates Universe (where Miles MoralesSpider-Man is from) into one shared timeline. In the Ultimates Universe, instead of an evolutionary gene, mutants are offshoot creations of the U.S. government attempting to recreate the Super Soldier serum, with Logan serving as the first mutant ever.

Teasing a Reboot of the X-Men

It is speculated that Hickman’s new books will tie that origin of mutantkind alongside the 616 origins of mutant to uncover an entirely new genesis for the species. It will also change the perspective on several classic stories already told, and serve as the stepping stones for new X-Men stories going forward. These new books may even break ground on other mutants who may have been part of the Weapon Plus program, such as the referenced II, IV, V, and IX.

Furthering the speculation, Marvel has begun a documentary-style video series documenting the X-Men’s most seminal moments with all the prominent writers of the team, leading into the two books debut.

Setting Up X-Men in MCU

Many also believe this new revision on mutants is to further tie them into the Marvel Cinematic Universe once the X-Men gets its proper reboot under Marvel Studios. Following Disney’s acquisition of Fox, fans have been waiting for a sign on how the X-Men franchise could crop up into the current status quo of the MCU following Avengers: Endgame. A Super Solider arms race or a potential mutation set up in these two books could be the building blocks to the mutant’s introduction.

Source: Hypebeast

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