Meet Kpop Idols’ Famous Pets

Just being as adorable as they already are, these cute pets are receiving just as many attention as their owners. Meet these well admired Kpop Idols’ pets.


  • BTS V’s Yeontan
Just like his father, Yeontan grabbed all the Army’s love from all around the world since his debut appearance on BTS’ Vlive back in 2017. He’s a teacup pomeranian with black and brown color, terribly adorable.

  • Blackpink Lisa’s Leo
A bicolor scottish folded cat named Leo is belong to the world’s global sensation girlgroup’s member–Lisa. Lisa adopted Leo as her third “child” back in 2017. Although Leo isn’t her only cat, Leo is indeed stealing the love from Blinks every now and then.

  • Kang Daniel’s Ori
Though he’s often being compared to a puppy for his adorable look, Kang Daniel is actually a cat person as he owns 4 cats back in his home. Ori is Daniel’s newest family’s member, she’s a girl and named after the cat in the movie Constantine.

  • EXO Sehun’s Vivi
Another popular puppy is belonged to Exo Sehun. A male white Bichon Frise called Vivi. Vivi is ultimately famous among EXO-L and often praised for his sweet white cloudish look. His name means live and he’s already 3 years old.

  • TWICE Nayeon’s Kookeu
In November 2017, TWICE Nayeon adopted a two-months-old Pomeranian puppy who later she called by Kookeu. Although she once admitted that she’s afraid of big dogs, it seems that Kookeu healed her from her fear of dogs at all. Kookeu named after Jihyo’s line in their song, Likey and it fits him perfectly.
Do you think those fluffy-bundle-of-joys already as famous as their owners?
Source: Koreaboo and Soompi
Writer: Windyannisa Cindrati
Editor: Olivia Elena Hakim

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