Men In Box2Box: Pangeran Siahaan & Tio Prasetyo

The two often hang out to talk about the thing they’re most passionate about, which would turn out to be the thing that defines them. Presenting the men behind Box2Box: Tio Prasetyo and Pangeran Siahaan. Being together as football enthusiasts for more than a decade, the two decided to do a podcast to spill their views about football—or soccer for Murricah.

Pange, as he’s often called, is an award-winning presenter, whereas Tio is a journalist, the two often broadcast their podcast session with the famous football pundit Justin Lhaksana, the three of them put together an audio show to provide the 101 of the latest match, the players, the coaches, the techniques, and other dished-out aspects.

Gotta ask: so why podcast—of all existing platforms? How did Box2Box come to being?
Pange: “I have been listening to various podcasts since 2008, and have since been meaning to have my own podcast—though to be honest at the time the market was zero.  In the last three years, I noticed that people are starting to listen to podcast and just last year, Spotify finally made a new platform for podcast, so I decided to create my own in August 2018. I didn’t want it to be a solo podcast, so I invited someone who’s a presenter as well—Tio in this case, a friend whom I go to for any football-related convo.”
Tio: “Around December 2017, we decided a football discussion on monthly basis but then it got cancelled. That’s when we thought to have a podcast, which by its concept, to share comments about latest matches and other sorts. At first I thought it’d be hard to commit doing a podcast what with all the different schedules and stuff, but turns out it worked quite well.”
Does your background help you shape the kind of podcast listeners you guys have?
Pange: “Well for me, and I think same goes for Tio and Justin, being a sports anchor is an easy ticket since we already have our followers—an existing market, what we do is to give them another form of content. As a sports anchor, we have our own on air personality that we will always maintain and nurture.“

“True, it’s the way you deliver the contents your listeners want to listen to. Podcast is the media where you can’t hide behind your beautiful face, if you can’t deliver the message well, then people won’t be interested to listen.”

How do you keep it fresh? Content wise.
Pange: “Well aside from our other profession, lately we’re just busy thinking on how to broaden our audience, expand our network, making new podcast contents or maintaining the existing ones, inviting others to join in our network and etc.”
Tio: “For me, how I measure the success of our podcast is when a person would randomly said hi to you and tell you that they listen to every podcast that you have recorded. There’s a sense of proud knowing that people actually listen to our podcast. So yeah, I just look for ways to develop our new podcasts since we currently have 11 podcasts under Box2Box and will consistently grow, that’s what we do everyday.”
Pange: “It’s because we entered this life as a podcaster, consciously, as a business.”
How do you guys decide which guest to be featured in an episode?
Pange: “Since it’s football-related, we find it less difficult to do. Sometimes we really don’t have to prepare anything beforehand, the topics go with the flow. Also, ours is a conversation driven podcast, so only the characters in the podcast that would converse. Our podcast is not guest-centered podcast like others who have different guests every week.”
Tio: “Yes, so the power of the convo itself is actually by us.”

As podcasters, in your opinion, what makes people listen to podcasts nowadays? What kind of content do listeners usually want to listen?

“Listening to podcast would be ideal if you want to listen to a conversation without having to put faces on it, meaning you can listen whenever wherever. People usually listen to podcast while they’re commuting from point A to B, etc. Plus, the nature of podcast is that there is always something for everyone. You can’t make one podcast for everybody, that’s why we also make several contents for different people to listen.”

How do you balance your podcaster life while having other profession? Which one is your main?
Pange: “I don’t believe in day-offs, my working hours is quite flexible. And if you ask me which one is main and which is a side job, I would say neither as it’s all the same for me.”
Tio: “For me, I don’t consider podcasting as a side job, it has become part of my life. We would do recordings even on Sundays. Sports has no day offs, right? Especially football. So for Box2Box, yes we don’t take day offs. So podcast has really become part of my life and I get used to it so much.”

Editor: Galuh Tathya
Writer: Dela Naufalia
Photographer: Ganang Arfiandi
Digital Imaging: Rendra Martin

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