Men’s Haircut for the Summer

As we’re approaching summer and the heat is getting unbearable maybe it is time for some new fresh haircut for the season.

Though it’s quite challenging to restyle short hair, we’ve got some short hair references that are quite a trend among the celebrities right now. You can try some styles or get yourself inspired from some of these styles:
The Drop Fade
Still with the thin hair on the sides, this one is much more sleek and neat as the thin hair is cut relatively low. You may need to regularly visit the barber shop if you want to keep the chic sides.

The High and Tight
This one is simple yet looks quite sophisticated with the high-faded sides and a bit of volume on top. It focuses on the thin styles on the sides as it prevents the bulking hair that would make the look messier.

The Caesar Crop
The hair is cut to the same lengths over the head, though it can go up to 2 cm in length, many guys tend to cut it shorter.

The Buzz Cut
The Buzz Cut is one of those staple hairstyles that every barber on the planet knows. It’s known as Buzz Cut as it’s often used on men in the military. It’s simple but very versatile as it suits on any looks and it will definitely keep your head fresh in the summer.

The Military Crew Cut
It’s a good choice for you who likes the buzz cut but do not want to go extreme. It’s similar to the Buzz Cut but with 4 cm of hair on the crown part. You can use some hair gel to make it look doper.

The Fringe Cut
“Fringe” means “bangs”, for short hair it refers to two cm of hair on the forehead as the “bangs” – it can be less textured than Caesar with any type of hair.

Source: GQ

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