Motomoto Museum and Restaurant, the First One in Indonesia

Bringing the best of the both worlds, Motomoto Museum and Restaurant is ready to serve you with the foremost combo for you to enjoy the contemporary arts and having some appetizing dishes in one place.

Located in QBIG, BSD City Tangerang, Motomoto Museum is taking you to enjoy their both indoor and outdoor restaurant as you can also spoiling your eyesight with 23 rooms filled with such a picturesque arts made by  Indonesian best artists, such as; Mulyana, Sembilan Matahari, Rebellionik, Naufal Abshar, Erwin Windu Pratama, Amenkcoy, and Muklay.

“The involvement of the artists will continue to grow because we want to keep updating the artworks in the museum area every 3-6 months,” the creator and founder of Motomoto, Boy William, stated.

Involving MATA Studio as the main drafter for the interior design, Felix Tjahyadi the Creative Director of the MATA Studio says that the design concept for Motomoto is made to highlight Indonesian art and culture that are wrapped in contemporary and pop art.

Under the hand of Easter Group—one of the investors of Motomoto who have worked in the f&b business for more than 19 years, Motomoto is optimist that the duet of museum and restaurant would bring a new ambiance for the restaurant industry in the country.

Surrounding the 23 rooms with such a hypnotizing installations, Motomoto is just the right place for you to fill your social media’s feeds with some eyegasm pictures. To enter the place, you can purchase the tickets for RP 100,000,- and for those who brings the elders or babies could enter the place for free. There’s also a promo for the ticket bundles for both museum and restaurant for only RP 150,000,- where the visitors can get a discount coupon of IDR 75,000, for Motomoto Resto and is valid for two weeks.

Writer: Windyannisa Cindrati
Editor: Olivia Elena Hakim

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