Nature Republic Launches the Nature Line with EXO

A leading natural cosmetic brand from South Korea has launched its Nature Line products exclusively in Indonesia with their brand ambassadors, EXO.

Coming to Indonesia in 2018, Nature Republic has gained a tremendous amount of support and love from Nature Holics in Indonesia which gained their interest to launch their newest line, ‘Around the Nature’ in the country. According to Franseda Natalio, the President Director of PT. NRI Global Mandiri, the products will be released exclusively for the first time in Indonesia before expanding to other countries.

“We put Indonesia as our priority as it is recognized as one of the economic giants within ASEAN countries,” Natalio stated.

Bringing ‘Journey to Nature’ as their motto, Nature Republic has developed a special nature-friendly yet innovative methods to present Around the Nature. Consisted of treatment essence, blooming cream, and tone up cream, the three products are specifically made by five different types of brightening complex compounds and Korean lotus extract.

To celebrate the launch of the latest products—‘Around the Nature’, Nature Republic invited three members of the sensational Kpop group members to the launching event on May 26th at The Westin Java Ballroom, they are Kai, Suho, and Chen from EXO. Greeting their Indonesian fans for the first time in years, the members also come for a fan-signing event also presented by Nature Republic which attended by thousands of fans at Kota Kasablanka.

Writer: Windyannisa Cindrati
Editor: Olivia Elena Hakim

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