Why Paying Attention to Little Things Matters

And we mean a lot. It’s not about the big things that actually make you happy. It’s the little things. It’s a series of small, insignificant matters that actually will change your mindset on your life. So stop what you’re doing and read some more.

little things matter (7)As you wake up in the morning, focus on how you still get the chance to spend the 24 hours ahead. That the sun is still shining. Make yourself a cup of your fave coffee or tea or chocolate, and really seize the first sip. Feel the liquid as it streams down your organs.

Now think.
little things matter (8) little things matter (6)Think about your lover. How they’re there and how you are his/hers, and he or she is yours. Think about your family. How they’re always supportive, even when you’re jobless, you’re penniless, even when you don’t think you’re worth it. You’re stuck with them and you’ll always have them. Think about your friends and colleagues, they’re your positive space. Whenever you need a good laugh, gossip around, or plan something, they’ll always give you the best and silliest inputs.

Now smile.

little things matter (1) little things matter (2)Smile as often whenever there’s a chance. Giggle if you stumble upon something ridiculous. Laugh outloud if you find something just out of the world funny. Browse funny quotes, funny jokes, funny memes, you deserve a laugh every 15 minutes.

Now plan.

little things matter (3)little things matter (4)Plan something exciting only for you. Window shopping, online shopping, art galleries, museums, meeting your lover, watching movies with your friends, cooking with your mother. Plan them wisely.

Now visualize.

little things matter (9)Visualize your dream. Visualize your goals in life, visualize how your end will end beautifully as you keep up your positive vibe. It’s the little things, it’s how the weather suddenly turns from sunny to breezy. How you manage to finally get all your work to-do list ticked. How you manage to sip that fave coffee/tea/chocolate. Now breath and ask yourself: how old are you now?


You’ve made it that far, and you will make it more to come.

You have this.

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