Play with Baluun by Haluu World

Need more contents to boost your Instagram’s feeds? Come play with the balloons at Baluun by Haluu World.

Succeed with the grand Instagram’s spots back in March with Haluu, PT Dreamscape Indonesia is now return with another millennial’s’ source of contents–Baluun.
The hype of Instagram is incredibly high in our country and that has become a garden of triumph for art creators, and the idea of it is well created by PT Dreamscape Indonesia with their first Instragrammable exhibition, Haluu.
The great success with Haluu brought them a big amount of demand to return with another ideas for the IG’s contents, so there we have another aesthetic sister of Haluu called by Baluun. According to Dian Santoso, the Co-Founder of Haluu World mentioned that Baluun is inspired by people’s childhood memories of balloon and they would like to bring their visitors to reminisce about their early days memories through their 12 spots picturesque installations.
However, regardless of how the idea was born, Norine Wibowo, the Project Director of Haluu World emphasized that Baluun is created for everyone in general, regardless of their ages and genders.
“Although the concept of Baluun is taken after childhood experience, Baluun is created for anyone. We would like to see our visitors can get not only a high quality picture in Baluun, but also feel a pleasant experience playing in our installations where dreams meet with childhood nostalgia.” she said.
Baluun will be opened for public on June 6th to August 25th 2019, located in Plaza Indonesia level 5, anyone is welcomed to come and take as many pictures as they want only for Rp 100,000 on weekdays and Rp 120,000 on weekend.
Writer: Windyannisa Cindrati
Editor: Olivia Elena Hakim




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