Please Welcome on Stage: Z-Boys

KPop is probably the current music industry that’s fast growing and has immersed in almost every country. It has also penetrated very vast market from the States, Australia, Europe, to Asia. One of currently sought-after KPop group bands is Z-Boys, a group of 7 multicultural members under Zenith Media Contents. Similar as Z-Girls, Z-Boys is created to become the bridge of cultural differences in Asia.

Blink from Thailand, Gai from Japan, Josh from the Philippines, Mavin from Indonesia, Perry from Taiwan, Roy from Vietnam and Sid from India. Z-Boys has recently released their second single called Holla Holla, the boys also did a showcase in the Philippines after visiting Vietnam and Indonesia beforehand.

Could you share the background story on how Z-Boys were formed ?
Mavin: “So the group was created through auditions held in each country, and thankfully we all got through the auditions until the end. All the final participants were sent to Korea to receive a 3 months exclusive training. February 23rd marked our debut with No Limit through our showcase at the Jamsil Indoor Stadium with our fellow sister group, Z-Girls. And now we just released our second single called Holla Holla.
Josh: “Also, the Z in our group actually means Z generation, which is for kids who were born post-1995.”
About the dancing routine—what is the hardest dance style or singing note?
Roy: “Actually, every routine has its own difficulties, thus we have to work extremely hard to show the best results for the fans out there. Also this is actually our dream, so we need to pull off every obstacle out there.”
Do you guys have your own fave song and why? Also, Who is your current favorite musician?
Sid: “We love all of them equally, however, to be honest, the second single is our main focus right now, and if we compare all of them, we kinda gravitate towards Holla Holla more.”

“There are so many groups that we look up to, but we honestly love and respect BTS so much. They put out such a great example for all of us and we’d like to be like them one day.”

Roy: “We’d love to perform in a big stage.”
Mavin: “Apart from KPop groups, for me, personally I like Bruno Mars a lot, because for me, he’s a great musician—he produces his own music, he’s incredibly talented in dancing also. The way I see him is that he’s an all-rounder.”
Josh: “We look up after many KPop groups, but we don’t define ourselves as a KPop group, because we produce our song with Asia as our target or our main focus.”
And now that you have fans all around the world, what do you want to say to your Indonesian fans?

As a group, we’re still growing and we’re still in a process to find our way to reach our out to Galax-Z, we hope that they won’t get tired of showering us with supports and love.”


“I think we’re progressing really well, and that we won’t stop working hard, and for you Indonesian fans, we would love to say thank you so much for your love and support, because it means so much to us. You guys have been there with us since the very beginning, it means the world to us and we meant it, so saya cinta kalian.”

We understand that you have a tight schedule, but if you guys have a spare time, what do you usually do? Your hobbies.
Perry: “First of all, we barely have free time other than Sunday, so for me, I love to travel around the city, so when I have a free time, I’d like to find some cool spots.”

“When we’re about to release new tunes or other big projects, we don’t have much time because we like to practice during our days off. But we like to sometimes look around and do some window shopping.”

Blink: “I love to shop during my days off, I’d like to go around and find some cool stuffs, other than that, I’ll probably just watch some movies and chill.”
Sid: “Probably just sitting around with my laptop and let ideas come to mind, lyrics wise. Enjoying the music and let myself drown in music and in the process. I’d like to watch some movies as well.”
Josh: “I like to stay inside with some good movies, but when I’m in the mood, I probably go out and hunt for new shoes.”
Gai: “I’d like to get some rest. Just have a day to really get a good sleep.”
Roy: “As we mentioned it before, we don’t have much time to rest, so when we do, I’d like to use it get some rest, and sometimes to shop as well.”
Best thing of being a Z-Boys?

“I can learn many cultural things from fellow members. I feel like it’s easy to solve any problems if you’re coming from the same country, language wise. But what each of us is totally different, thus we often fight, cry, but also laugh together and those what I love the most from being in this group—the realness.”

Josh: “Another thing I love from being a Z-Boy, apart from what Roy has mentioned, I’m glad that it’s us that are chosen to represent each of the country. It’s a pressure indeed, but it’s also an honor to represent each country and we’re ready to take it on.”
Sid: “To share various cultures in one group. We get the chance to get to know each other and about the culture, and then we make music together. Sharing playlist, and to maintain a good connection with one another, so I feel proud.”
Blink: “That everything about us is unique that makes us stand out even more.”
Mavin: “Having a brother in law in every country so whenever I go to Asia, I have no more worries because I have them to guide me. I’ll be very proud to visit their countries.”

“In Taiwan, there are no boybands, it’s quite segmented—there are only actors, actresses, and models, so I feel extremely grateful and special to be in Z-Boys and promote my country as the representative.”

What’s next for Z-Boys in the future?
Josh: “We just had a showcase in Indonesia and in the Philippines on September 21st. And after that hopefully, we’ll be releasing out our 3rd single soon.”

“We’d like to be the cultural bridge to any cultural differences and we hope that we can give the movement to the world so please keep on supporting us.”


“We want to inspire youngsters, because just like them, we start our dreams from the scratch so we’d love to show them that you shouldn’t give up on your dreams.”


“Definitely, keep aiming your dreams high because you can do anything and go anywhere through your dreams.”

Editor: Galuh Tathya
Writer: Windyannisa Cindrati
Photographer: Vicky Melly
Digital Imaging: Rendra Martin

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  1. Jovi berkata:

    thank you for sharing their information in detail I am very proud that they can do and reach their dreams together even though they come from different countries. Thank you Zboys and also Zgirls. Here GalaxZ always supports you. GalaxY love Stars.

  2. Katkat berkata:

    I love this guys ?????

  3. Devendra Singh Rawat berkata:

    Fighting guys!!!

  4. Srashti Vyas berkata:

    I love you guys and keep it up ??????????? ??????? zboys hwaiting

  5. Pips berkata:

    I will support them till the end, so keep going Zboys, thank you for doing this

  6. Vivian Tan berkata:

    I love them and hope they will have more song.

  7. Chanchan berkata:

    I always love zstars since their debut…
    I love them because of the diversity
    The friendship
    The songs
    Of course the visual
    And also because of the personality and characteristic of each member
    Gai is eye catching
    Perry is sexy
    Mavin is talkative(ps. what im saying is what i love
    about each member dont get me wrong)
    Blink is cute(i wanna kidnap him to cuddle him in
    my arms all night)
    Sid is a total package with his strong jaw line i could die for it
    Roy is handsome yet cute (actualy i ship roy-carlyn and roy-josh) either one was heart
    fluttering for me
    And josh is unlucky but the way he dance was so sexy the way he smile is heart melting the laugh was to die for and hes handsome!! Like super handsome and hes fine asf..

  8. Khush berkata:

    They are really talented,smart and amazing human beings as well….hope to see them in india….

  9. Luna berkata:

    Yo que vengo muy lejos y soy de argentina me soprendieron mucho el k pop con este bello grupo z boys son muy exelentes vi que sid un video canto un poco español los amo chicos soy su fan

  10. Dewi berkata:

    love you guys ? fighting?

  11. sayna Raj berkata:

    This is so touching all the best for your future Z-STARS ?☺️ lots of from India ? we Galax-Z love you so much ?

  12. Timngin berkata:

    Thanks for sharing all the above you guys and will always support you.

  13. Timngin berkata:

    Love you guys so much and will always support you.

  14. Jona Ramos berkata:

    Ma baby ZBoyz, One of my Stress Reliever… I dunno why I feel hype and exciting when I see you all around the social media even though I’m stress and tired after work. Maybe because I just love you.

  15. Joanne berkata:

    Just do ur best guys. ?

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