Pokemon Sleep – When Sleeping Equals Gaming

The Pokemon Company announces a new game called Pokemon Sleep. The aim of the Pokemon Sleep game is to turn sleeping into entertainment.

Pokemon Sleep involves tracking player sleep patterns to influence gameplay. Pokemon Sleep aims to campaign for good sleep habits as part of a healthy lifestyle. The game is being developed by the Select Button while Niantic, the developer of Pokemon Go, also helped.
Along with the announcement of the concept of the game, The Pokemon Company also announced a new device called Pokemon Go Plus + which is likely to be worn on the wrist or lanyard.
Pokemon Go Plus + functions as a pedometer and game interface. In addition, the device also functions as a sleep tracker through the accelerometer, communicating data to a smartphone via Bluetooth.
To make Pokemon Go Plus +, The Pokemon Company collaborated with Nintendo. To be able to play the Pokemon Sleep game, you have to wait first. Because, the game plan will only be released later in 2020.
Besides Pokemon Sleep and Pokemon Go Plus +, there are other announcements made – like the sequel to Detective Pikachu game scheduled for the Nintendo Switch, an Android and iOS game called Pokemon Masters, and Pokemon Home.
Source: iNews

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