Pon Your Tone x PreachJa Collaboration is Here

Celebrating Matter Mos’s debut single, Woosah featuring Candra Darusman and A.Nayaka’s latest single with Laze called No Handsouts, Pon Your Tone and Preach Ja are doing their first collaboration ever as PYT x PreachJa.

Pon Your Tone and PreachJa are two collective music houses from Jakarta who have been the roof of many artists; Dipha Barus, Matter Mos, Monica Karina, Andre&, Kayman, Mbe Sheehan, and Sumantra are all the artists under Pon Your Tone, while Laza, A. Nayaka, The Blue Room Boys, Wicigo Shawty, Rafkyboy & 51dji are the artists from PreachJa.
The two collective music houses aka the homes of Matter Mos and A. Nayaka are working hand in hand to present PYT x PreachJa—an event especially made for the fans that have been supporting the two houses’ artists all this time. The event will be taking place in Parc 19, Kemang, South Jakarta on April 20th 2019.
The event is exclusively made to introduce the latest single of PYT and PreachJa’s artists—Matter Mos, Laze x A. Nayaka. PYT will be releasing the Official Lyric Video of Woosah by Matter Mos x Dipha Barus (Featuring Candra Darusman) and PreachJa will also be releasing the Official Music Video of Laze x A. Nayaka – No Handouts by Ape’ethic privately for the audience present at the event. On top of that, there will also be some performances from the artists of PYT and PreachJa as well.
Writer: Windyannisa Cindrati
Editor: Olivia Elena Hakim





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