Remember the Superman Wafer from the ’90s?

DC Comics failed to patent the name Superman in Indonesia. That’s because the “Superman” brand has been patented before by chocolate-flavored snacks made by PT Marxing Fam Makmur.

Apart from the ongoing legal case at the Central Jakarta Commercial Court, we try to see the other side of the legendary wafer. For those of you who are fond of snacks, you must be familiar with this wafer and know how it feels. From several sources, it was explained that this Superman wafer had been in Indonesia since 1993 and this was also the reason why the DC Comics lawsuit lost at the commercial court.
agi Anda yang doyan jajan, pasti tahu nama wafer ini dan tahu betul rasanya.
On this package, you will see the Superman figure complete with the original costume. This Superman is flying and leads to the chocolate wafer. For packaging details, there is a silver color on the front.
Superman masih ada di sana tetapi, di kemasan terpampang tiga model berbusana putih
Then, the packaging changed to become more modern with the Superman character image still there but, on the packaging emblazoned with three white dress models on the left edge.
Warna oranye-nya masih ada, tetapi kali ini Superman tidak terbang dan tiga modelnya dihilangkan
On the latest packaging, this brand releases far more millennial packaging images. The orange color is still there, but this time Superman doesn’t fly and the three models are removed.
Old school food is still an attractive choice for snacking and is certainly preferred by all ages. So, does anyone remember the Superman wafer?
Source: Okezone

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