Step Back from Social Media, Here’s Why

As it’s taking over our life style, the social media is also giving its dark sides to its users regardless the amount of positive sides that they’re given.

The emergence of social media has been defined to be the cheapest tool that facilitates anyone to publish and access information. As the technology is growing, the social media has become the daily routine, people are seen addicted with it every day. A little advise though, it’s alright not to log on to your social media accounts every freaking day.

  1. It’s getting harder for you to focus
The temptation to keep yourself updated to certain news made you pay your fully attention to your gadget, therefore it makes you distracted and loses your focus on other things.
  1. The growth of anxiety
social media also made your self’s worth is being tested on the public’s eyes, therefore when things don’t go as you planned you can get anxiety from this as well.  This anxiety can lead you to other things such as depression, stress, and many more.
  1. Bad posture
Do you realize that you’ve been crouching down whenever you have your gadget on hands?
  1. Losing the ability to engage directly
Social media made its users to get used to interact with people online and lose the ability to engage in direct communication.
  1. Addiction
Nearly every person with social media is infected with social media syndrome. It’s similar to drugs addiction, don’t you think so? Stop refreshing your apps and break your addiction.


Writer: Windyannisa Cindrati
Editor: Olivia Elena Hakim
Source: Siddiqui, S. 2016. Social media made its users to lose their ability to engage themselves in direct communication, India: Mats University Raipur, IJcat, and

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