Step Into The Mismatching Shoe Trend

Originating from a carefree street style, the mismatched shoes have trickled into runways and red carpets, eventually turning into a full-blown trend worldwide. While wearing mismatching shoes can seem a little daunting (it will definitely catch attention in whatever room you walk into), there are several ways of wearing mismatching shoes to suit your style.

1.The Color Mix

This one is definitely for the fashion-forward souls, because two different colors on your left and right feet will definitely be the first thing people will notice. Aimee Song wore this look during Paris Fashion Week.

To get this look, simply get two pairs of the same flats/kitten heels/boots/loafers in different colors. When you no longer want to wear mismatching shoes, you’ve got two normal pair of shoes that is easily wearable.

2.The Eye-catching Accents

If two different colors of shoes aren’t your thing, opt for slightly different accents on the same pair of shoes. Nicole Kidman’s Calvin Klein heels, for example, are the same color and model, but have different bling placement on her left and right foot. One is on the front part of the heels, and the other is on the ankle strap. You could use this method to mix and match other embellishments such as pom-poms, emblems, straps motif, etc.

3.The Subtle Heel

Don’t let shyness stop you from wearing mismatching shoes. If the first two options still freak you out, this one is possibly the least attention grabbing way to wear this trend. Take a look at Selena Gomez’s sandals by French designer Jacquemus, which are created with two different shaped heels. Those sandals literally look the same from the front, with a happy surprise on the back. You can mix it up with different shapes or play with different colors on the heel, and you’re already on board the mismatching shoe trend.

4.For the super bold

Bonus points if you dare to put on two completely different shoes on each foot. Just make sure they’re the same height!

Source: HighEnd Teen

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