Style to Track: Lana Condor

Growing up as a dancer and studying ballet all her life, no one could have guessed the 21-year-old-girl would end up as one of our favorite actresses, but here she is—Lana Therese Condor.

Classically trained as a dancer since she was young, Lana knew how it felt to be judged by her looks and her body shape—in fact, she claimed to have had an eating disorder and body dysmorphic before she finally gave in and accepted herself the way she is—genuinely and completely. She often posted pictures of meals that she eats on social media to comfort her followers that nobody should think that they need to look certain way to feel good about themselves.
Opening her fresh page in New York as she moved to the city of apple with her family, her dad suggested her to take an acting class which she actually enjoys every single thing about it. Lana then scouted by an acting agency and booked her role as Jubilee for the X-Men the Apocalypse—her first role ever and already hitting the Hollywood class. As for now, Lana is already in the middle of preparing for the season two of her most-awaited Netflix show, To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before and currently appearing on an action TV series called Deadly Class. To know more about Lana, her life, and her career, here are some pieces of hers that you can apply to your daily life—her fashion style. Check these out!
Look 1
Steal Her Style!
Look 2
Steal Her Style!
Writer: Windyannisa Cindrati
Editor: Olivia Elena Hakim

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