Style to Track: Ana de Armas

Have you watched the movie Knives Out? You’re certainly fascinated by the performance of the female character Marta Cabrera.

This character is portrayed with full sentiments by Ana de Armas, which has been the talk of the town nowadays. Ana de Armas confirmed her rise in international motion pictures by obtaining a nomination for the prestigious Golden Globes. De Armas, 31, is competing for the award in the category of best comedy and musical actress for her work in Knives Out, a mystery comedy written and directed by American Rian Johnson. In it, the Cuban gal plays the nurse of a renowned novelist who appears dead in his mansion, which leads to an Agatha Christie-styled investigation.
Now from what people have seen from what Ana wears to the red carpet and also to her daily schedule, Ana De Armas has been people’s latest style crush and is stealing hearts again and again with her incredible style and on screen talent.
Look 1
Steal Her Style!
Look 2
Steal Her Style!
Writer: Dela Naufalia Fitriani
Editor: Olivia Elena Hakim


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