Style to Track: Cinta Laura

Actress and singer Cinta Laura Kiehl has released her latest single, Caliente. It’s a new music with R&B vibe and a fairly fast beat for people to enjoy on the dance floor.

The Germany-born gal spilled that Caliente is a single that feels real and emotional to her. She also stated that the most special thing about this song is the fact that it’s her first release that’s written by herself. According to her, this song is special to her because it has a wise message inside the story told that can be enjoyed by many people. All of the creative process of this song and music video are also directed by Cinta herself and by her approval only.
As seen in her Instagram and also in her newest music video, Cinta keeps her fashion style edgy yet glamorous at the same time. She has set a new trend on wearing streetwear while still looking stylish as per usual. Let’s look over her style!
Look 1

Steal Her Style!
Look 2

Steal Her Style!

Writer: Dela Naufalia Fitriani
Editor: Olivia Elena Hakim

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